Norfolk Broads Boat Recovery Service

The Sutton Staithe Norfolk Broads Boat Recovery Service began its operation in 2016. We have two  dedicated tug boats which provide cover across the whole of the Norfolk Broads network.

Sutton Staithe Boat recovery tug boat

Brian - Sutton Staithe's Recovery Tug  Boat

An annual membership fee of just £120.00 provides you with peace of mind that wherever and whenever you are out and about on the Norfolk Broads you will not be left stranded in the event of your boat breaking down. We cover both the Northern and Southern Rivers.

If possible we will fix the fault at the side of the river. This is often the quickest and safest way to get you back on your travels. Sometimes this is not possible and then we will then recover  your boat with one of our tugboats to either a boatyard of your choice (within 10 miles), your home mooring or our own boatyard. No call outs in any one year will entitle you to a 10% discount off the next year's membership.

Membership price includes recovery and the first hour's labour of repair work with any additional labour being subject to a 10% discount off our standard rate and parts will be charged at recommended retail price.

As an addition to the Recovery Membership we offer an 'add on' prop cover service for an extra £50.00 per year.  If at any time your prop gets tangled we will either tow you back to our yard or arrange for another yard to lift your boat out of the water, clear and inspect your prop, and relaunch for no extra charge.

Recovery: Non-Members

No cover. No Problem. Our standard charges for non-members are:

Call out charge £60 during normal working hours / £120 outside hours

Tug fee £80.00 per hour for the tug and driver

Lift out for prop foul £145

Labour £55.20 per hour

(all prices are inclusive of VAT)

Terms and Conditions apply.

To download an application form please CLICK HERE